There Is No Prince

There Is NO PRINCE And Other Truths Your Mother Never Told You

By Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh

A Guide To Having The Relationship You Want takes women of all ages step-by-step through the process of preparing for, finding, choosing, managing and enjoying a man in her life by overturning old ideas and conventional thinking about relationships. For the first time in book form Marilyn Graman reveals secrets from her popular “Having What You Want With A Man,” workshop that have helped even the most die-hard skeptics find relationship bliss.

“Every woman who is disappointed with her love life needs to read this informative and practical book. The authors gently open our eyes to the unconscious beliefs we hold that have us repeating the same old mistakes over and over. Best of all, we’re shown how to love and honor ourselves as we’re given guidelines to attracting a relationship that will really work for us.” —Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women

Delightfully down-to-earth, There Is NO PRINCE lays bare the assumptions and expectations that keep you from finding love that lasts. It’s a manual for meaningful relationships. To all you wonderful women who have been looking for your Prince, its message is simple: Look no further than inside yourself. Each chapter tells an engaging story of an insight learned through a particular woman’s experiences. The effect of hearing story after story about women finding and keeping love in their lives is powerful; it assures you that any woman can have her Prince—once she realizes there is no such thing and that it’s up to her to create a happily ever after! —Magical Blend Magazine

“A must for every woman with relationship issues, this gem is packed full of suggestions and information you can start working on the moment you open the book. There Is NO PRINCE is one of the most informative, practical and enlightening books on this subject matter available on the market today. So if you are raising your hand to the sky in desperation wondering why all your princes are turning to frogs, this book is the only guide you will ever need to learn how to have the relationship you deserve!” —Awareness Magazine

Life Works Books
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If you have ever . . .
  • Fallen in love with someone who wasn’t good for you
  • Settled for someone because you didn’t want to be lonely
  • Tried to change someone so he would be what you want
  • Stayed too long in a bad relationship
  • Been with someone who didn’t want what you wanted
  • Ignored the signs that it wouldn’t work
  • Said “yes” when you meant “ no”
  • Didn’t take care of yourself in the relationship

. . . then you know how painful it is to be in the wrong situation with the wrong man. Or perhaps you’ve sworn off men, figuring they’re just too much trouble. Yet you still yearn for a good man in your life.

Based on Life Works’ popular two-day workshop, “Having What You Want with a Man,” There Is No Prince will help you uncover what it is you really want a man for and then prepare yourself to have him enter your life. Whether you date frequently but aimlessly, are in a relationship that isn’t good for you, or just realized you’ve been putting relationships on the back burner so long you’ve forgotten how much you truly desire a good man in your life, this book will show you that you really can have what you want with a man, starting today.

This wise guide takes you step-by-step through the process of preparing for a 21st century relationship

. . .with a flesh-and-blood man, demonstrating that while there are no princes, there are plenty of men who would be delighted to act princely if known and treated well by a woman just like you.

Marilyn Graman has helped thousands of smart, capable, successful women clear a path so that good men can come into their lives. And she can help you do the same. “The reason we don’t have the relationships we want,” write Graman and Walsh, “is that, for all the successes we’ve had, we have yet to dismantle old romantic ideas about dashing princes on white horses coming to take us away. More recently we have tended to expect men to be more like us and don’t see them for who they are.”

“Continuing to resent the fact that men are not more like us,” the authors suggest, “only makes us miserable. It doesn’t work. Seeing them for who they are, on the other hand, gives us power because we know what we can expect and we’re not surprised when they seem like cavemen.”

In There Is No Prince, Graman reveals the secrets she has shared with thousands of women in her popular workshop over the past 26 years; secrets – about men and women – that have helped even the most die-hard skeptics find good mates, get married, and create their own happily-ever-after. Whatever your age, whether you’re new to dating or dating for the first time in years, moving on from a relationship that isn’t right, or nursing back to health the relationship you are already in, you will discover

  • the underlying issues that keep you from having the relationships you want.
  • practical, simple ways to shift and heal what isn’t working and how to become irresistible.
  • that loving yourself is central to having what you want with a man.
  • how to go about having what you choose and what is good for you in a relationship.
The Battle of the Sexes is Over

Equal rights boosted women-power and possibilities, but it didn’t show women how to have intimate relationships with men. Some women held men as the enemy as they tried to claim their power in the marketplace, while still longing for husbands and fathers for their children. Whether women are in their sixties or twenties, the opportunities of feminism, plus the enduring Hollywood images they grew up with made for mixed messages about independence and intimacy.

In contrast to other relationship how-to’s, There Is NO PRINCE does not make a game out of love by advising women to be different than they are or to deceive men. This book encourages women to be clear about what they want and choose men carefully, while smoothing one’s edges and opening one’s heart to all the interesting and interested men who are all around. Men want women — they always have and they always will. Whatever their age, whether new to dating or dating for the first time in years, moving on from a relationship that isn’t right, or nursing back to health the relationship they are already in, There Is NO PRINCE encourages women to discover:

There are plenty of available men eager for relationships.
Men love strong women, they just don’t want to be over-powered by them.
They can choose what they want in a relationship and attract it.
It is possible to be successful in the world and powerful in relationship.
Love is not a game, it’s about being authentically, fully oneself.
The secret to being irresistible is much easier than women imagine.

There Is NO PRINCE opens women’s hearts, showing them how to have satisfying and empowering love lives, ending the suspicion and rhetoric that had many men and women take up separate camps for over 30 years. A 21st century guidebook for relationships, the authors love men and encourage readers not to see men as the enemy or as movie Princes who will rescue them, but people who want them to be happy.

“Women can make peace with men by seeing how powerful women are in men’s lives and how much men want contented women around them,” says Graman, a popular Greenwich Village relationship expert. According to Graman, most of the discontent in relationships resides with women. Once women get clear about what they want and need, become ‘pleaseable’ and stop expecting a Prince who’ll read their minds, they begin seeing all the great men who can be princely from time to time. “We’ve been given the wrong information about men, relationships and what we can have in our lives and that is good news,” explains Graman. “It is much easier to have a good relationship than we have been taught.”

There Is NO PRINCE is a step-by-step guide that overturns old ideas and conventional thinking about relationships. Based on Graman’s “Having What You Want With A Man” workshop — There is NO PRINCE reminds women of all ages, single and partnered, that they have the power to change what they attract and to shape their relationships to have what they want. For the first time in book form, Graman reveals secrets she has shared with women for the past 16 years in her weekend workshop, secrets — about women and men — that have helped even the most die-hard skeptics find good mates, get married, and create their own happily-ever-after.

There Is NO PRINCE is an invitation to women of all ages to get crystal clear about what matters most to them in a man, and to celebrate their own power and potential. As this warm, insightful, and clear-headed relationship guidebook so ably demonstrates, there may not be any Princes, but there are millions of wonderful men out there who want to make them happy.

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What women who have taken the Workshop that inspired this book are saying...

“After years of thinking I would just grow old and do good work, I took the workshop and now I’ve been in a relationship—a comfortable, wonderful, and very loving relationship—for four years. That just wouldn’t have happened had it not been for the ‘Having What You Want With a Man Workshop.’” Literary agent, age 58

“I’ve read all the other books and they’re just so many words. This work actually gives women a vehicle, a technology, for turning their lives around. It not only makes sense, it works.” Corporate lawyer, age 42

“I realized that I don’t have to live by someone else’s expectations of what I should want in a man. I get to choose for myself based on what’s authentic for me. I’m not in a new relationship yet, but I can already see how this work is affecting me in job situations with male bosses. When we drop our expectations that men will behave like women, all our relationships are a lot easier.”
Office manager, age 26

“I always thought I’d have to settle and have things that I didn’t want [in a man and in a relationship]. But I didn’t want to settle, so for years I just haven’t been in a relationship. The workshop gave me a whole new perspective on who I am and what I desire and who men are. I feel so much more empowered now to have my own feelings, judgments, and intuitions. Now I can actually dare to dream of what I want. “
Television producer, age 47

“It was so reassuring looking around and seeing all these attractive, successful women who were having the same issues with men. Just knowing that there’s something systemic to it and that we weren’t given the right information about men has been helpful. I also realized how much I had to do with not having a man in my life. I had a lot to clear away. Before the workshop I would have never seen my husband—would have never even seen him—sitting right there next to me.”
Ad executive, age 41

“In the workshop we talked about lists—having lists of what’s good for us and what we must have in a man and in a relationship. These lists have really helped me attract the kind of men who would be good for me, and they have also saved me from being with men who weren’t good for me. This surely has saved me great heartache.”
Financial analyst, age 35

“The workshop allowed me to see what I put in my own way—and how I was carrying certain unconscious thoughts that were causing me to react in ways that didn’t work. Whether with a man or in any kind of relationship, this has helped me to think differently and get out of my own way.” Retail manager, age 32

“One of the greatest things I learned in the workshop was that there simply doesn’t have to be a battle of the sexes. I learned to own my power, to use my female power and not feel manipulated. I don’t feel like a victim anymore. Realizing that men are not the enemy makes for peace, and peace makes for happiness. This has helped me tremendously.”
Graphic artist, age 29

“The workshop really helped me expand my relationship with my self. From a place of self-love I can have what I want in all my relationships—with a man or in a work environment or with friends.”
Executive assistant, age 39

“It’s nice to know that men and women are supposed to be different!”
Artist, age 23

“Before I did the workshop, I always blamed men for going away. Now I get it that I have something to do with it. I realize that although I’ve always said I have, I really haven’t wanted to be in relationship.”
Photographer, age 64

“The workshop actually healed my relationships with women. It made me appreciate women like I never did before. I also started noticing men, men, and more men. I realized that when I’m not looking for a prince, all these men just appear! Pretty amazing.”
Club manager, age 32

“I never saw men as human beings. Now I can. I feel so much more compassion for men, even though they’re so different from women. At Life Works I learned to have compassion and an open heart toward men.”
Freelance designer, age 55

“I felt a softening toward myself and other people, especially men. I realized how much I stand in my own way and learned not to judge myself for it. “
Retired teacher, age 68

“This work has truly transformed me, which in turn has changed the types of men I attract. I’m just much more able to have come my way the kind of man I really want.”
Office manager, age 46

“I see a river of hope that I’ve never seen before. There seems to be light there.”
Divorced mother and government worker, age 53​ 

Life Works Books
ISBN: 0-9718548-7-4
Cloth, $22.95, 288 pages