How to Join Us

How to Join Us

To join us you must complete the “Getting to Know Your Deeper Self” paperwork, and pay $3000 for the first year upon registration. This covers both the one-time Orientation fee which reviews the concepts and research that we have done in the last 8 years. The Orientation to Evolving begins in February. The year-long Evolving XI course begins when you join the ongoing group on March 17,  Saturday (9:30am–5:30pm) and continues one Saturday a month with shorter evening sessions in July and August.

You will also be invited and required to be oriented to all we have learned in our previous 8 years of work. These will be lively, profound, eye opening discussions. Upon registering for the year-long ongoing course you will be sent video links to watch in advance of each Orientation session so that you can participate in the live discussions. You will also receive extensive notes to support the work we will be doing together. Ongoing participants in Evolving are also invited to the Orientation sessions as a review and to provide new women with a fuller experience of how we will be working together.

After the first year the fee for Evolving is $2400 and you are invited and encouraged to review the Orientation whenever it is offered.

You must also cultivate flexibility, joy, grace, ease and be willing to regularly walk to the edge and peer over. Space is limited so please make a deposit of $500 to reserve your place. For complete scheduled dates, click here.

We are looking forward to working with you in this life-changing opportunity. We will look over the edge of human development, create new distinctions and observations, experiment with the possibilities we may be missing in our lives and break through to new levels of wisdom, peace and manifestation of our authentic selves. Join us! Give us a call at 212-741-8787 or email us to discuss your participation.

Printable, emailable invitation

$500 • Deposit for Evolving XI     

Finally, thanks for reading down through these pages!

Feel free to invite friends to join The Evolving Nature of Being Human as there are no prerequisites except for the Orientation, which begins in February, 2018. 

Considering being in the group? We can always be reached at 212-741-8787 or by email.

Again, if you are thinking about possessing the energy and possibility of Evolving in your life, don’t let thinking there are limits stop you. Join us for the part of you that wants to feel alive, optimistic and powerful again. Read through the encouragements from women already in the group and enjoy reading “The Great Way.” Choose to have a spectacular life that only you can create.

“We welcome you with open hearts and clear minds,” is the Evolving greeting that we repeat as you arrive for each session. We intend, that if it is right for you, you will be there on Saturday, when we begin Evolving XI.