How To Be Cherished

How to Be Cherished: A Guide to Having the Love You Desire

By Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh

Remember how you glowed when you were first in love? People loved being around you because you radiated happiness. The love you shared with your man made life seem good, and you were sure you’d be happy forever. If your relationship has lost that magical glow, you may be searching for reasons why. How to Be Cherished guides you to discover the real reasons why your relationships might not be all you desire—and most importantly, it offers proven techniques that keep the fires of love blazing. And it’s easier than you think!

How to Be Cherished is a practical guidebook that offers insights on how to shift a stale relationship, perk up an already good one, and helps singles be more open to love. Intended for women in all stages of relationship, How to Be Cherished gives a powerful, new model for modern relationships where couples are like two rough stones — rub them together long enough and they become polished.

How to Be Cherished helps women find or rediscover the men of their dreams and keeps love alive.” — John Gray, Ph.D., Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

How to Be Cherished is so powerful I believe it could save even the most doomed relationship. This book will free your mind and spirit, while giving you practical tools to help you in every area possible, enabling you to be a more loving and lovable person living in forgiveness, gratitude and love. Full of sage-like wisdom, Cherished is by far one of the most outstanding books on relationships I have ever read. —Dr. Maryel McKinley Awareness Magazine

What if the answer to all the problems in your relationship were within you and not your partner? What if the key to being cherished the way you want to be was as easy as learning how to warm your heart toward your partner? How to Be Cherished teaches you how to do just that, with visualizations and exercises that will help you create the relationship you’ve always wanted. This could be just the book you need to bring romance into your life with the partner you already have!Natural Beauty & Health

If you take out all the goading remarks from Laura Schlessinger’s current book, you would be left with a manuscript very similar to How to Be Cherished. . . . The underlying message of the two books is the same: If you want to have a happier marriage, make the first move. Become the spouse he wants, and he will reciprocate. This message comes across offensively with Schlessinger’s to have hot meals ready in the evening and provide sex on demand, but Graman and Walsh give the strategy some genuine credibility. By owning your part, the authors say, you gain power by eliminating blame. —Cleveland Plain Dealer

How to Be Cherished is a must read for any woman whostrives to reclaim her power in relationships. —New Visions Magazine

Life Works Books
ISBN: 0-9718548-6-6
Cloth, $22.95, 288 pages   
Remember the Glow of First Love?
You can have it back, again! How to Rekindle Romance and Techniques for Warming Your Heart!

(NEW YORK, NY) -- Many women’s hearts are broken one piece at a time until they become cold from disappointments, slights, being taken for granted, and they are hopeless that they could ever feel cherished. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Greenwich Village psychotherapist Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh, authors of How to Be Cherished: A Guide to Having the Love You Desire (Life Works Books, February 2004), show women how to heal and warm their hearts and feel loved again.

Intended for women in all stages of relationship, How to Be Cherished presents a powerful new model for modern relationships, explains how incredibly powerful a woman is in her man’s life, and advises a woman that she can inspire change if she is dissatisfied. Based on the groundbreaking workshop of the same name created by Graman, participants from these workshops come to life on the pages of this book as they recount a familiar litany of difficulties faced by women in long-term relationships.

“Women hold the keys to a relationship,” says Graman. “It’s time for women to understand how much power they really do have and how to use their female power to have the love they want.” How to Be Cherished shows women how to access the love they want. Some of the secrets revealed in this practical guidebook, illustrated with the stories of real women overcoming the obstacles to lasting love, are:

  • How to bring back the intimacy when you fear it may be gone forever.
  • Relationship pitfalls to be on the look out for.
  • What you can powerfully do to shift your relationship.
  • How to care for each other and truly share your lives.
  • Staying a team through the inevitable rough spots.
  • Recognizing the intrinsic power of women and learning how to use that power wisely, with love. In short, how to take your relationship from lagging to luscious.

Graman is a psychotherapist who says she learned about human nature from teaching kindergarten for 12 years. Walsh is a business therapist who combined an MBA and a background in performing arts into a career helping creative professionals manage their careers. In How to Be Cherished, they teach women how to manage affairs of the heart to feel cherished and satisfied in their relationships.

How to Be Cherished is the third book by Graman and Walsh, co-founders of Life Works, Inc. Their specialty is helping women uncover their authentic female power and assisting them in creating empowering relationships in a time of great transition and confusion about how to find love and support. Life Works explores the dynamics of relationships from the point of view that women are far more powerful than they realize, and that they can indeed have the love they are seeking. Yet, many women have a confused notion of what it means to be truly powerful. The power they write about is not male bravado, but gentle, nurturing female power.

“Know your power. Like it or not, women guide the relationship. It is within your realm to change the direction things are going. Knowing you are powerful brings confidence, and confidence is sexy,” explains Graman. “Your man wants you to feel good for two reasons. He knows his life is easier when you are happy. And when you feel happy, he feels like a hero.”

How great are you willing to have your relationship be?

Do you remember how you glowed when you were first in love with your man? You radiated happiness and people loved being around you. At the beginning of new relationships, most of us feel our love and appreciation is strong enough to override any issues that come up. But then after a while, problems loom—it’s inevitable.

If you’ve been searching for reasons why your relationship isn’t as warm, loving, and compassionate as you’d like, How to Be Cherished will guide you to find the real reasons why your relationship might not be all you desire—and you may be surprised at what you find.

As you read this book, you’ll discover that there’s nothing wrong with you; that in fact, you are far more powerful in your relationship than you ever imagined. You’ll learn to use your power for yourself so you can have the happy, fun, luscious, exciting, accepting, kindhearted relationship you desire. Not only is it possible, it’s closer than you would ever imagine! One day you’ll turn around and notice your relationship is exactly how you want it to be. You will find yourself treasured by a man who wants to give you your heart’s desires.

In How to Be Cherished you’ll learn about becoming irresistible, avoiding relationship pitfalls, and the fifteen-minute rule for talking with your man. These subjects will help you have more intimacy in your relationship—and reading about them can save you years of heartache and loneliness.

This book offers gentle and insightful guidance whether you need to perk up an already good relationship, find answers to solve particular issues, decide whether to stay or go, reconnect with your man, or recover from heartbreak and be ready for your next relationship. Discover how to open your heart so you can have more love in your life.

We guarantee that after reading How to Be Cherished you will be experiencing much more of what you want in your relationship!


Open this book and discover how you can bring back the glow of the early days with your man. It is easier than you think...

You may not realize it, but you are incredibly powerful in your man’s life. He is eager to know what you want and how to please you. He is praying that you will be the one to guide your relationship, and he longs to make you happy.

How to be Cherished explains why you are the person who can do something about the relationship you’re in. Whether you are angry with your man, or simply not as happy as you used to be, or if you are longing to get back to the way your relationship was when you first met him, this book will inspire you to remember what it is you truly want—and then you will find yourself having more of it.

As you read this clear and insightful guidebook, you will regain the intimacy and love with your man that you may fear is gone forever. You’ll remember how adorable and playful he was when you first met and learn that it’s possible to keep that warmhearted passion alive in your relationship. In short, you’ll be able to enjoy your man again.

How to Be Cherished will show you how to have the love you long for. It is possible to have what you want in your relationship...just by reading this book!

Comments from Cherished Readers:

“I keep reading How to Be Cherished and I don’t know what happens, but my husband is happy, I’m less annoyed with him, and today he suggested that we take that vacation for our anniversary I’ve been longing for!”
Administrative Secretary, 33

“I wasn’t sure this book could deliver what it promised—that simply reading it would make a difference in my marriage—but I was wrong. Just reading it, a warm glow is developing between us again. He’s showering me with attention. Incredible! Here’s to getting the glow back!”
Retired Executive, 64

“I appreciate the gentle, heart-felt guidance this book offers. It is a new model for modern relationships. I’ll be referring to it again and again.”
Hospital Administrator, 37

“I started to reminisce about my courtship, subtle changes over the years, slumps I have allowed myself to fall into. Cherished gave me many helpful tips and new understanding. Making myself happy, rather than expecting my husband to make me happy, has made my husband happy.”
Teacher, 48

“I do know that magic is happening since I finished Cherished. Thank you for helping me put the zip back in my marriage.”
Lawyer, 43

“The down-to-earth information really worked for me, especially all the examples and creative ideas. The book is outstanding!”
Business Owner, 25 


Life Works Books
ISBN: 0-9718548-6-6
Cloth, $22.95, 288 pages