Power. Love Yourself

The Female Power Within features a step-by-step process for coming to know yourself intimately and deeply, encouraging women to rediscover the perceptions, patterns, pleasures, and power of being female.

The Female Power Within is a groundbreaking exploration of the nature of women’s power.” —Arianna Huffington, syndicated columnist and author of Fanatics & Fools

“A Guide to a New Kind of Strength! Graman and Walsh redefine power and encourage both men and women to use traditionally female characteristics, such as kindness, gentleness and cooperation, to make their lives more fulfilling.” —Shape Magazine

$22.95 • hardbound • ISBN: 0-9718548-2-3   

Wisdom. Find Him

There Is NO PRINCE leads women through the process of preparing for, finding, choosing, managing and enjoying a man’s love and devotion. Discover what hidden conversations and patterns are keeping you from having the love you want. A “must read” for any woman who doesn’t want her heart broken again.

“Every woman who is disappointed with her love life needs to read this informative and practical book.” —Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life

“A must for every woman with relationship issues, this gem is one of the most informative, practical and enlightening books on this subject matter available on the market today.” —Awareness Magazine

$22.95 • hardbound • ISBN: 0-9718548-7-4   

Love. Enjoy Love

How to Be Cherished provides a new model for modern couplings revealing how powerful women are in men’s lives and how they can possess the love they seek, by learning to use that power wisely. Discover how to “bring back the glow of love” to relationships.

How to Be Cherished helps women find or rediscover the men of their dreams and keeps love alive.” — John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“This could be just the book you need to bring romance into your life with the partner you already have!” —Natural Beauty & Health Magazine

$22.95 • hardbound • ISBN: 0-9718548-6-6   
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