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Get to know the place where dreams do come true, Life Works

Another dream comes true . . .
Watch this video to see an incredible shift is occurring that we've been waiting for, over 45 years.
If you notice the axis of the earth is shifting . . . it's because of what's in this video.

Life is precious and short — too short to spend time being dissatisfied. It is possible. You can have what you want.

Our work is designed to help you uncover what it is that you really want. It’s not written in stone — you can create what will make you happy — no matter what that is. Your right to privacy will be protected and you will be supported at every step in your journey.

Find more joy, ease and satisfaction.

Bright, vibrant, successful people like you are finding a way to more fully express themselves and their own unique nature.      More

Join Marilyn Graman, Maureen Walsh and the Guidesses

as they offer courses, retreats and individual guiding designed to help people create rich and fulfilling lives. Our curriculum focuses on many different levels in three interwoven strands that contribute to becoming fully self-expressive and authentic. Click course titles below for more info.

You with Yourself

You and Your Intimate Relationship

You and Your World

Interweaving the Strands

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*Life Works Books were inspired and created with the wisdom of these 3 courses.

Join us at Life Works and create a life you're glad to wake up to.

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